Disaster Recovery

We have experience in deploying several disaster recovery sites along with implementing validation tests of disaster recovery implementations.

Disaster Tolerance

We have worked with two of our clients to deploy disaster tolerant architectures. Using a combination of systems software, networking and application configurations we have created the next generation of high availability architectures. By providing a systems architecture that can tolerate the loss of an entire site or data center and continue to provide uninterrupted service to our customers clients.

Backup & Vaulting

We have many success stories in architecting and implementing backup and restore solutions. The point of these implementations is NOT the backup but the restore. Too many implementations focus on the backup implementation, but without a restore solution that can be exercised under disaster conditions "why bother". Integral to backups is the implementation of vaulting solutions; these solutions can substantially assist a company in disaster recovery and preparedness when properly planned and executed.


Our professionals have been providing clustering solutions for over 10 years. From custom built telephony architectures to COTS implementations our combined experience can address your high availability requirements.

Storage Solutions

Members of our staff have implemented storage solutions, working for several of the major storage vendors. We have practical experience in SAN, NAS, DAS and mixed architectures. The number of different vendors solutions that we have worked with is too numerous to list.

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Nancy Vossler
Founder and CEO




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