At IT Infrastructures, Inc. we provide IT infrastructure consulting and implementations concentrating in the UNIX and Linux space. We focus on the many intangibles that can make the difference in providing tangible results in today's data centers; allowing you to get back to the business of your business. Our collaborative business approach and knowledge sharing yield a simpler, more effective process to address your business and IT goals. Our staff of seasoned technology specialists can integrate existing applications, systems and current skill sets into a flexible architecture that accommodates your changing business requirements. Our team will strive to optimize your current IT investment while ensuring your staff completes an effective knowledge transfer on all the projects we are involved on. Our approach focuses on the unique IT needs of each customer providing solutions that combine high-level services, experienced consultants and best of class products.

Vendor Neutrality

We maintain our strict neutrality with respect to hardware and software vendors. This allows our team to consider all possibilities when architecting solutions to the customers IT needs. We can leverage your existing hardware, software and staff skills to provide the most effective solution to meet your goals.

Simple Solutions to Complex Problems

We exercise the philosophy that the simplest solution is usually the best, and the easiest to implement. We strive to provide the most flexible architectures to address the current needs as well as future requirements. Past experience has proven that providing these types of solutions also dramatically reduces the number of issues and delays in implementing these solutions.

Getting the Most from your Existing Investment

There are very few "green field" implementations these days. Most initiatives are migrations, consolidations, moves, re-architectures or some complex combination of these actions. Our staff has many years of practical experience in "getting more from less", while addressing your projects goals. We can provide more performance and ROI (Return On Investment) from your existing infrastructure investment.

We can also be an independent "second opinion" and provide valuable consultation for your current implementation plans. Our seasoned professionals can use our accumulated practical experience to point out positive and negative aspects of an implementation plan. We will work with your present architects to make your implementation smoother and easier.


Our principle assets are the combined experience of our technologists and the knowledge sharing that we embrace. Allow our staff to make you the beneficiary of our past successes as well as the lessons we have learned throughout the years. Our staff members are continually updating their education and credentials to better serve our customers, partners and clients.

Elizabeth, CO.

Nancy Vossler
Founder and CEO




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